Impact Investing

Socially Responsible Investing

Impact Investing can best be described as a strategy that aims to generate a financial return that has a positive social and environmental impact on our society. Investors can align their own personal values with their portfolios across various asset classes. For many years investing for financial returns and aligning one’s social and environmental values were mutually exclusive. That is not the case anymore, talk to us about what’s important to you and your family and let us work with you to implement an investment and/or philanthropic strategy that are aligned with your beliefs. 

We believe that making sure your investments align with your values is not only good for you, but for your community as well. Over the last decade, we've seen a strong desire among many of our clients to ensure their investments avoid harming the environment and do not provide services or goods that are unrepresentative of their values. A growing body of evidence suggest that companies which avoid harming the environment, invest in communities where they operate, and contribute to improving - rather than harming - public health may enjoy a competitive, long-term advantage. For these reasons, we are pround to offer bespoke investment options for our clients with regards to:

  • Energy efficient and environment awareness

  • Low or no carbon emissions

  • Workplace diversity

  • Labor rights

  • Green supply chain management