Understanding Your Needs






    Understanding Your Needs


    Our clients' needs vary. We help mid-career professionals develop financial plans to accumulate wealth in a responsible manner. We also work with those who are near or at retirement and need help understanding if they have enough money to live on when not receiving a steady paycheck, or how best to drawdown on assets they have spent a lifetime accumulating.

    Accumulation Phase

    • Help parents of young children develop thoughtful college savings plans
    • Build the foundation of retirement plans which are responsible and strategic
    • Think through strategies for a down payment on a home
    • Assess workplace retirement-plan benefits and make recommendations
    • Educate on the need for insurance to protect loved ones
    • Develop creative and flexible savings and investment plans to live life now and not just when retired



    Drawdown Phase

    • Determine when to take social security benefits
    • Calculate how much healthcare will cost during retirement
    • Communicate clearly on how much one can spend during retirement
    • Advise on how to distribute your savings in a responsible, tax-efficient manner
    • Think through how best to help children, grandchildren, or other loved ones through considerate estate planning
    • Develop a philanthropic strategy