Your Weekend Warm-Up


    Thankfully, life is about much more than saving and investing. At Clearfront Advisory, we understand and appreciate that you have a wide variety of interests. So do we! Most Fridays, Zach posts a missive, Your Weekend Warm-up, which highlights interesting articles/books he has read, movies/shows he has seen, as well as the ocassional piece on investing.


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    11/15/2019 Regrettable Decisions, Overcoming Professional Setbacks & Naptown

    Why do so many smart people make such foolish choices in everyday life? It’s easy to point fingers at famous people ruining their lives – or gawk in befuddlement as regular people become famous for making outrageously silly mistakes – and say to ourselves we’d never do anything like that. But according to an interesting article I came across, there just might be science behind the making of regrettable decisions.

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    11/8/2019 Surviving, Market Highs & Fleishman Is in Trouble

    “In order to succeed, you must first survive.” Of all the quotes attributed to Warren Buffett, this one is my favorite. And with the stock market reaching new highs recently, it’s timely advice for anyone who may be tempted to take on too much risk in their investment portfolio. The exact moment when there will be a recession is anyone’s guess – the good times could keep going for years – but when it does happen, it’s important for investors to have enough cash on hand to weather the downturn.

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    11/1/2019 Work Stories, Bliss for a Dual-Career Couple & Joe College Your guiding story: Have you ever considered what it is? Whether it is one of ambition, responsibility, missed opportunity, or something entirely different, according to certain psychologists your brain has, over the course of your lifetime, stitched together your experiences and observations to form a story that explains your actions to you. Your guiding story is a very useful – and necessary - shorthand for making sense of a complicated world, but it can get you in trouble, particularly when you seek to make a change in your professional life that will enable you to pursue new goals or do things differently.

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    10/25/2019 Bubbles, Burnout & Schitt’s Creek

    With We Company (the parent company of WeWork) shelving its initial public offering a couple weeks ago, there has been no shortage of hand-wringing in the financial press as to what the weak demand for its shares portends for high-flying startups seeking to go public. Some pieces written about the postponement see it as evidence that tech bros are finally getting their just deserts after years of reckless and immoral behavior, and that Silicon Valley’s growth-at-all-costs doctrine may no longer be a viable business model.

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    What Colleges Really Want, The Cost of Waiting & New IRS Withholding Tool

    I’ve written before about the soaring cost of college and tactics one can use to save more strategically for their children’s (or grandchildren’s) tertiary education. But with the recent scandal involving the daughters of Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman, I’ve started to think more about the dynamics surrounding college admissions, particularly the inherent conflicts present when weighing whether or not to admit a student. 

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    10/11/2019 Fleabag, Geographic Diversification & Garbage Financial Advice If you haven’t watched the show Fleabag, I highly recommend that you give it a try. Season 2 was just released in the US, and if you like shows that are intelligent, entertaining, poignant, and funny, this show is worth your time (start with season 1 if you haven’t seen it already). 

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